Ordering on Graphtor

A detailed video walkthrough on how to place an order on Graphtor.com for a graphing calculator.

Absolute lifesaver

from Bakersfield, CA USA on August 25, 2018

"I about died when my son came home from his first college class saying he needed a $100 calculator. Then in my searches, Graphtor came up with rentals. I was so excited that they had what we needed, and for short term rental WITH A REFUND FOR PARTIAL TIME USED! Who does that??? We received the calculator before my sons next class, which was a relief. When it came time to return it, that was a snap. Click of a button and you had a return label. There were no issues with the refund, even though I had a new debit card from the one used. And when I had a question about my card, they answered the phone! All in all ... EXCELLENT experience. I know we will be coming back next semester when I need to rent this again .. My son failed the class :( "

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